_Karapas is a project for a very high level of protection helmet for motorsport.

_It is a helmet concept that includes a large number of technological innovations.

Kouma Karapas helmet

_The KR-Strap system allows the user to attach and adjust the tightening of his helmet without blind operation, by simply pulling on the end of the strap.

_To unlock the strap, simply press a push button on the right side of the helmet and pull it under the chin.

_No system on the market is so easy to use.

_The simple mechanism guarantees a high level of operational safety.

_KR-Strap is the subject of a patent application.

_To ensure Karapas' crush resistance, the shell is composed of a multitude of carbon fiber layers for rigidity and a layer of aramid fibers for penetration and heat resistance.

_This shell is composed of an upper part made of sandwich materials which gives it exceptional rigidity inspired by the carbon monocoque technology of racing single-seaters.

Kouma Karapas helmet
Kouma Karapas helmet

_Karapas' inner protective padding is made of EPP expanded polypropylene with a high thickness.

_Lightweight, this material, which is called "multi-impact", recovers its shape when subjected to multiple shocks.

_The front of Karapas has been particularly studied, with reinforced ballistic protection by creating a hybrid

carbon/aramide/polycarbonate visor.

_The structure of the visor is made of composite materials, which reinforces the fixing points.

_The visor acts as a shield in the event of an impact with a flying object on the track.

Kouma Karapas helmet
Casque kouma Karapas helmet

_Karapas has an original aerodynamics, not only on its downforce but also on its lateral stability which, if poorly managed, can cause many inconveniences for the pilot.

_Internal aerodynamics to ensure pilot comfort is provided by four air inlets on the Karapas front panel.

_The air flow rate can be modulated by adding shut-off elements.

_The stabilizers, which are integrated into the shape of the shell, are located on the sides and not on the front as on most other helmets.

_These lateral stabilizers allow pilots to lower their heads even in the presence of the Hans, especially in the most reclining positions. 

Kouma Karapas helmet
Kouma Karapas helmet

La simplicité a du sens - Simplicity makes sense


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