_KR6 is a sports car inspired by motorsport for its architecture and the motorcycle world for the quality of its materials and presentation.

_KR6 is intended for track days and winding road trips.

Kouma KR6
Kouma KR6
Kouma KR6



_The very low driving position, the geometry of the suspension, its unassisted controls, its more than contained mass, its architecture, its balance and its behaviour would make it possible to obtain sensations very close to those felt when driving a single-seater racing car.

_KR6 is a technological demonstrator and a new modular car concept that, with its hybrid chassis composed of a carbon monocoque and a multi-tubular frame, allows a lot of engines, including electric power train.

_It's also true for the bodywork, whose role is no longer structural and can allow a wide range of styling options.

_The carbon monocoque is composed of 3 carbon/epoxy fibre parts made by the infusion process, these three parts receive metal mounting elements by inclusions and are then connected together by structural adhesive.

_The metal part of the frame is made of welded high-strength steel tubes.

Kouma KR6

_High level safety is based on motor racing standards:

_High and low speed frontal crash-box.

_Side crash-box.

_Carbon monocoque with a chromoly "space-frame".

_Structural carbon fibre seat.

_Absorption head rest made of EPP.

_Harness 4 points.

_Roll cage to FIA standards.

_Particular care has been taken with the suspensions, seeking the best ratio between mass and robustness.

_The suspensions are double wishboned and equipped with front and rear anti-roll bars.

_The shock absorbers are adjustable.

_The angles of the suspensions take into account anti-squat and anti-dive.

_All suspensions use "Uniball" type rod ends for greater precision.

Kouma KR6
Kouma KR6

_The components of KR6 have been carefully selected from the best suppliers based on their reliability and mass.

_The availability of spare parts has also been taken into account for easy maintenance even after many years of use.

_Moreover, KR6 is a sustainable product project. If maintained, KR6 can last for many years.

Kouma KR6
Kouma KR6
Kouma KR6

La simplicité a du sens - Simplicity makes sense


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