_Square-Box is a reflexion about a concept of long-life electric car which is able to progress during its use thanks to a modular architecture.


_Square-Box is made of a chassis, body and suspensions which represent a "long life" base.

_This base is developed with excellent quality elements and quality materials to have a minimum lifespan of at least twenty years and is designed to be easily repairable.

_Twenty years is the minimum time necessary to amortize the gray energy spent in its manufacture before recycling its components.


_On Square Box, the battery, the motor and the electronic components are removable modules.

_This configuration allows a simplified "Upgrade" of each of these components at any time during the life of the vehicle and at the customer's discretion.

-These upgrades solve the problem of the rapid obsolescence of technological performance and range of today's electric cars, which is a brake on these vehicles purchase.

_Disassembled modules can be reused for a second static life, reconditioned or recycled.


_Its very simple design is not retro design.

_It reflects a design that is based on the extreme simplification of all components while maintaining the necessary primary functions.

_The use of electronic components that are difficult to recycle is limited to strictly necessary functions.

_Kouma Square-Box is composed of three times fewer parts than a standard vehicle, which mathematically improves its reliability and maintenance costs.

_Square-Box weighs only 880 Kg / 1940 lbs.

_Square-Box is equipped with a CCS plug for all types of recharging.

_In basic version, Square-Box is equipped with a latest generation 400V battery of 30 KWh.

_The cumulative power of its two engines is 50 Kw (68 hp).


_The Square-Box body is made of three glued thermoplastic composite elements.

_Each of these three elements is composed of two elements constituting a structural double skin with their centering system.

_The composite solution could use recycled carbon and fiberglass.

_The Square-Box cockpit is as functional as possible.

_HMI only includes the necessary functions to the vehicle driving, ensuring maximum driver attention without interference.

_The smooth dashboard allows the driver to put his smartphone and use the navigation of his choice.



_The Square-Box screen includes an eco-gauge, a charge and autonomy indicator, speed and speed-limiter informations as well as standard alerts.

_The Square-Box seats are made of composite with a fixed backrest and are adjustable in depth on runners.

_The seats are in molded polyethylene foam that allows natural ventilation.


_The front hatch allows access for standard vehicle levels.

_All the elements of Square-Box are designed to be the most easily accessible and removable.


_Square-Box's suspensions are double wishboned at the front and with independent articulated arms at the rear.

_The suspensions are fitted with anti-roll bars.

_Careful work on shock absorber technology ensures a good compromise between road holding and comfort.

_Square-Box dimensions:
L: 3m33 / 131 inches
l: 1m79 / 70 inches
h: 1m27 / 50 inches
Very limited overhang.


_Improved versions in materials can be offered to customers for more lightness and performance.

_Square-Box also has a whole range of accessories such as an extractible trunk or a roof-rack.


La simplicité a du sens - Simplicity makes sense


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