Why a watch ?


_For the challenge of creating an

innovative watch in a field as extensive as the world of watchmaking.

-For the exciting work it represents.

Montre Watch Kouma AL-C

_In the purest line of Kouma products, AL-C is a watch that breaks with the great principles of traditional watch assembly, allowing for innovative architecture inspired by the manufacturing principles used in the design of aeronautical and technological products.

_The aim is to obtain a watch with character, sculpted and technological but especially lightweight and which can be forgotten once on the wrist of its owner.

_Epoxy carbon is widely used, including, for the first time, in the hands' manufacture.

_Aeronautical grade aluminium machined from billet provides lightness and maintenance ease once polished.

Kouma AL-C Watch Carbon

_The assembly on a deck is a major principle of this watch.

_This deck made of epoxy carbon fibre is exceptionally rigid.

_It supports the aluminium case.

_It is the masterpiece of this watch by absorbing all the mechanical forces due to the tightening of the strap and it never deforms.

Kouma AL-C Watch Carbon

_No adhesive is used in the assembly of this watch, which allows easy replacement of any part, without damaging any of them during disassembly.

_The crystal of this watch is mineral for more lightness and of a crystalline appearance.

_It is held between two O-rings that guarantee that the watch is waterproof.

_The overall waterproofness of this watch is achieved by a set of 5 O-rings.

-The hands are manufactured in our workshop with our special manufacturing process.

_Both are complex to produce and composed of several unidirectional carbon layers bonded by a very high modulus epoxy resin and then machined by CNC.

_They weigh only a few micrograms, relieving the watch mechanism.

Kouma AL-C Watch Carbon

_AL-C is completely handmaid, from the adjustment of each part to the polishing and of course the assembly. It is both a technological watch and a  handmade one.

_As in aircraft construction, it requires a lot of time to manufacture to achieve the highest level of quality.


_As part of our quest for reliability, precision and lightness, the choice of movement was made for a top-of-the-range Swiss Quartz mechanism on a metal plate known for its reliability for many years.


_AL-C has been entirely designed and developed in France by Kouma and most of the parts are manufactured and assembled in our workshops in Burgundy.

Kouma AL-C Watch Carbon

Technical specifications:

Functions: hours, minutes and dates.

Case: Aluminium alloy and Epoxy Carbon.

Movement: ETA 955.112 Quartz.

Dial: Aluminium alloy machined from billet.

Glass: Mineral crystal.

Water resistance: 30 meters.

Weight: 33 g without band, 49 g with band.

Band: Nato textile

La simplicité a du sens - Simplicity makes sense


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